Um Qais & Pella, Jordan

Empowerment through embodiment

An investigation into the power of emotions and somatic embodiment

You cannot think your way into authentic empowerment.

To claim true transformation, it must be felt.

Therein lies the sustainable power of somatic embodiment.

The intention behind this 3 day retreat is to dive deep into the tools and awareness of how to help people thrive, feel inspired, connected, and empowered to go out and express themselves and their love for the world.

This is an investigation into the power of emotions, and how embodying our emotions can help expand our consciousness, and open up new possibilities for how we can be in this world.

the program

Guided by cutting edge research on the physiology of emotions and principles of energy psychology, we combine different modalities including expressive art therapy, yoga, ritual, and group exercises to raise powerful questions about the curious relationship between body, self, and emotion.

Experiential in nature, these workshops are designed to facilitate ongoing open-ended opportunities for self-inquiry while working on containment and integration. 

the facillitators


Farah Aljundi is the founder of La Luna Experiences and is a wellness coach, yoga instructor, herbalist, designer and moon lover who has been teaching for over 10 years in the Middle East, Central America and Europe.

She is an eternal student and a 500hour+ trained teacher in Hatha, Ashtanga and Integrative Yoga.

She aims to educate rather than instruct and believes that a mindful connection to mind, body, spirit, science and nature is the ultimate path to wellness.


Aysha Talhouni is the founder of the Inner Life Institute where she practices as a play and body-based therapist.She is a licensed play therapist, yoga teacher, and Integral Somatic Psychologist.

Aysha investigates the power of emotional embodiment work in bringing about deep, lasting, and sustained transformation. She can generally be found immersed in any one of her multiple pursuits of astrology, women’s circles, to personality psychology, and dance.

La Luna Experiences is honored to be collaborating with Baraka Destinations; an inspirational team that is dedicated to partnering with local communities in secondary tourism sites to design and build  experiences that showcase their hometown to curious travellers.

With tasteful curation, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know the hidden gems that most tourists would miss, we get to connect with the people that call it home and immerse ourselves in nature to enjoy truly long lasting experiences.






Arrival check in : November 21st at 7:00pm

Retreat begins : November 21st at 8:00pm

Retreat ends : November 23rd at 6:00pm