Ayla Oasis (Aqaba, Jordan)

Conscious Movement

Discover a renewed connection with your body through our Conscious Movement immersion retreat in the stunning Ayla Golf Club. Learn how to transform the way you move by using graceful ease instead of unnecessary force to unlock the hidden potential of your body’s intelligence.

Conscious Movement is any form of mindful exercise that promotes awareness as the first step in becoming aware of how the body’s mechanism works together as a whole, encouraging precise movements that put form above all else. 

By using proper body structure and alignment, we learn how to strengthen and lengthen in a way that prevents injury and clears blockages while reconnecting with breath for a calmer, more creative mind.

the program

We’ll be nourishing our minds and bodies during the day with Yoga, Tai Chi, Capoeira, Functional Mobility and Animal Flow, with plenty of time for beach and water activities. Evenings, we’ll be nurturing our souls with outdoor movie nights, bonfire ceremonies and sweet tunes by Dj Sheba all day long. Don’t forget to book a luscious holistic treatment at Aqua Spa or a complimentary Traditional Chinese Medicine consultation with Professor J.Y Lei. On our last day, we have a special guest laying down some serious beats for our Jungle Beach Party; Nader Mansour from the Wanton Bishops will be spinning his latest tracks from his DJ alterego persona: Monsieur Mansour.

the facillitators


Farah Aljundi is a designer, wellness consultant, yoga instructor, herbalist and moon lover who has been teaching for over 6 years in the Middle East, Central America and Europe. She is an eternal student and is a 500hour+ trained teacher in Hatha, Ashtanga and Integrative Yoga. She aims to educate rather than instruct and believes that a mindful connection to mind, body, spirit, science and nature is the ultimate path to wellness.


Marwan Ali Ghuneim is a social researcher & activist; coming from HR background and a student of Capoeira – a social movement formed in a combination of traditional dance, self-defense, and music. Through the lens of Capoeira philosophy, and other practices such as Yoga, Contact Improvisation, and AcroYoga, Marwan aim for community and society evolution.


Coach Yasmin Hakki is a certified Pilates and AnimalFlow instructor who has movement at the core of her being. She has been a Muay Thai fighter for over 13 years and trains in Mobility, Calisthenics, CrossFit and Yoga. Coming from a graphic design background, she weaves her passion for art and creativity into her classes and her eye for detail plays into her instruction and guidance. She believes in changing mind and body through challenging the way you approach the idea of movement by keeping your body guessing and learning.

JY Lei

Professor J.Y Lei was born into a family of traditional Chinese medicine and ancient Martial Arts. Under his grandfather’s guidance, Professor Lei learned Shaolin, Xing Yi and Yang Style Taiji from his local masters and as an adult, Taiji took him to many key regions and masters in China. He traveled to the Shaolin Temple and Mount Wudang to study from advanced abbots. Through rigorous training, he was initiated into the secret Taoist medicine and methods of restoring health and longevity.

Ayla Oasis is cocooning us all over! We will be pampering ourselves and staying at the Hyatt Regency Ayla Aqaba Resort with its sprawling beach, infinity pools and luscious Spa lagoons nestled in the mountains of the Red Sea. Our weekend immersion workshops will take place on the beach shores, waterfront studios and lush green rolling hills of the Ayla Golf Club while replenishing with delicious, organic nutrient-packed meals served at the boho-chic B12 beach club and the moonlit Silica restaurant.






Arrival check in : October 24th at 11am

Retreat begins : October 24th at 12noon

Retreat ends : October 26th at 5pm

Check out : October 26th at 12pm